Dim headteacher and morally suspect Bishop drag Miliband Mail story even lower

Guardian finds public school headteacher and a Bishop to attack the Mail over Miliband Marxist dad story. Both have made fools of themselves

by Yorker on 6 October 2013 06:16

The Daily Mail Miliband Marxist dad story is starting to have the Midas touch in reverse: everything it touches is turning to horse manure. Enter the Guardian with its latest offering which features an indignant public school headteacher and an indignant Bishop. The head teacher, Anthony Seldon of Wellington College, effects shock and horror at the damage the Daily Mail is doing to the nation's children:

"If the Mail speaks for Britain, it is not a Britain I want to be part of ...It sets a very bad example to young people to belittle someone who is dead. I think it is nasty, it lacks taste and decency, and I worry about antisemitism ...The constant trashing of people for the sake of selling newspapers is demeaning and destructive of trust."

Interesting. The Guardian, the paper he's speaking to, consistently mounts hyper-personalised attacks on anyone, living or dead -- Margaret Thatcher anyone? -- whom it disagrees with politically. Essentially, it's ad hominem central.

I worry too about anti-Semitism, especially in the Guardian which for years has been involved in what is little better than a hate campaign against Israel, which just happens to be the world's only Jewish state.

So, unless you want your children brainwashed by an unthinking shill for Leftist political correctness, think twice about Wellington College.

Now, what's the Guardian's bishop -- the Right Rev. Nick Baines -- got to add? Here goes: "It is not a matter of taste. It is a matter of the corruption of civic life and the public discourse to do what the Mail did with Miliband ... The Mail knows exactly what it is doing. I believe it is both corrupt and dangerous."

Actually, I think the Mail did mess up by overpersonalising this issue, the core of which is the Left's failure to deal with its totalitarian past. But messing up isn't the same as "dangerous". What, presumably, Bishop Baines means by "dangerous" is that he's been exposed to an opinion he disagrees with. He's also missed the key moral point about the Left and its past.

So, the Guardian brings into this affair an educator who can't think straight, and a moral authority who misses the central moral point. Marvellous!

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