"News" about communism's genocidal past, and the past of the Left isn't pleasing everyone

We're opening this up to you for comments. Use Facebook as most do, or leave your thoughts at the bottom of the article and start a debate

by the commentator on 6 October 2013 13:49

We're opening this up to you. Our owner and founder Robin Shepherd wrote and published this piece yesterday on the 100 million that Communism has killed. It's interesting and instructive that so many in the UK have found it intensely provocative. Formulate your own thoughts.

Does it matter that so many on the Left want to brush this under the carpet? Are the excuses justified: imperialism killed as many; religion more? Pinochet's 3,000 versus the 100 million from communism? Your call...

p.s. We will also offer a Right to Reply to Robin Shepherd's piece. Be aware, it will attract a very robust response. But, if you are confident in your arguments... and you will be treated fairly... Send to submissions...

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