Uh Oh: Stirring EU exit pot from Eastern Europe

It was supposed to be a few anti-EU nuts in Britain. But the last of the great transitional leaders from communism has come right out and compared Brussels to Moscow. Quit the EU? I'll debate it, but they're running scared

Difficult man, tough arguments...
Robin Shepherd, Owner / Publisher
On 8 October 2013 16:19

I've met Vaclav Klaus. And I remember the other Vaclav, Vaclav Havel, describing him as, how shall I put it, a difficult man. Fine. But is he wrong on the EU? My site broke this piece to an English speaking audience a while ago.

It will undoubtedly be picked up far and wide. What interests me is whether any of the europhiles have a robust response to Klaus's core argument that leaving the EU would do no damage (and much good) to his country, and other countries?

He further argues that the EU is doomed to failure and collapse anyway. Does anyone have a serious response to that?

And a supplementary question: if the europhiles are so confident, where are they when it comes to serious debate? I adopt the old line from the Martini advert: Any Time; Any Place; Anywhere. You'd be amazed (or perhaps not) by how many supposedly serious people have run away from that challenge.

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