The BBC embarrasses Britain during the "9/11" Question Time... again

Last night's Question Time proved once again that Britain is, as David Cameron put it recently, 'sick'.

BBC Question Time last night
The Commentator
On 9 September 2011 11:06

Watching BBC Question Time last night caused lumps to rise in our throats as the staunchly left-leaning audience once again proved just how reprehensible they are.

With a panel consisting of Defence Secretary Dr. Liam Fox, former Bush advisor Richard Perle, playwright Bonnie Greer, journalist Tariq Ali and former Foreign Secretary David Miliband – one could have expected a fiery debate about the necessity and success of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and how they have shaped the world, 10 years on.

Once again however, the BBC allowed the programme to go off the rails into Israel and America bashing, with scenes reminiscent of ten years ago, when as the dust was still settling around Manhattan, the BBC were forced to offer an apology for their role in the BBC Question Time that followed 9/11.

Remember the US ambassador who was brought close to tears as the hard-left audience insisted that America deserved 9/11 – that so many people deserved to die? The same point was made last night. Apparently, freedom loving countries bring attacks upon themselves for their "foreign policy". We would contest that if you have to blame any policy at all for jihadism, blame domestic policy – that is to say: blame democracy.

And so we must ask ourselves what exactly is wrong with our national conscience? Britain is now a country where looters have roamed the streets unchallenged, welfarist institutions are ring-fenced and we jump to blame ourselves for atrocities brought upon us by our ideological enemies.

This was ever apparent in the views espoused by audience members last night. The "violent" reaction to 9/11 was not progressive enough for them. Instead, the West should have rolled over – left Israel to rot and adopted Sharia courts, we presume?

Ok – a tad hyperbolic perhaps. But you’ll forgive us for finding the vacuum of ideas on the Left utterly deplorable. Even former leading light of New Labour David Miliband, whose government promoted interventionism post-9/11 on the basis of international security – rowed back and played Mr. Apologist. Truly sickening.

But that’s not to say that this battle is over. There were of course, pockets of resistance in an otherwise hostile audience. Those who applauded the excellent Richard Perle and his unapologetic common sense against commentators who were on the sidelines hollering after 9/11 rather than in the halls of power, taking tough decisions.

There were some who derided Bonnie Greer’s revisionist approach and Tariq Ali’s commentary which was almost pitch-perfect George Galloway channelling.

The battle of ideas in Britain is far from over. On 9/11 this year, remember the freedoms we believe in, what our troops fight for and remember the families of those whose lives were taken by those who wish to take the rest of us with them.

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