Insane EU chief warns against "selective justice" over democracy

EU chief Barroso is a liar without shame. How dare he lecture others on democracy?

by Yorker on 29 October 2013 18:47

You really couldn't make this up. Former follower of Chairman Mao -- probably the greatest murderer in world history -- ,Jose Manuel Barroso, is now lecturing people on democracy. Barroso, the President of the European Commission, was the one who destroyed European democratic principles by forcing Ireland to vote again after giving the "wrong answer" on the Lisbon Treaty.

He also trashed French and Dutch democracy after they overwhelmingly opposed the European Constitution which, by fraud, became the Lisbon Treaty anyway.

He's a political psychopath -- no shame; no ability to empathise.

The details matter if you're from the country concerned: It comes down to the former Soviet republic of Georgia aiming for an association and free trade agreement next month.

But who is Barroso to say this?

"We expect Georgia to honour its obligations, such as ensuring that the courts operate free of political influence... We are completely against any form of selective justice."

This from an EU chief who has lied and cheated hundreds of millions of people into a political entity they do not want. Shame, and shame again.

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