Palestinian spokesman mocks Israel for releasing convicted murderers; says "Die in your rage"

Death to Israel narrative continues in shocking new form from the Palestinian Authority. BBC and other mainstream media in Europe fail to report such stories

by the commentator on 5 November 2013 15:03


In an ongoing scandal from the "moderate" Palestinian Authority that will give pause for thought to US Secretary of State John Kerry amid secret peace talks, a senior Palestinian spokesman has mocked Israel over its release of Palestinian prisoners and openly called for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) today released the following statement:

"Fatah leader Abbas Zaki mocks Israel for releasing murderers who were serving life sentences."

Zaki was quoted by PMW as saying: "We say to Israel: Die in your rage. Go to your cemeteries and recite over your dead whatever you recite". PMW added in its report:

"At a Fatah event celebrating Israel's release of three murderers from among the 26 terrorist prisoners released last week, Abbas Zaki, speaking for Fatah, mocked Israel for agreeing to release Palestinian murderers. He said that Israel gave them life sentences and categorized them as having "blood on their hands," yet, "here they are... fighters, knights, free men":

""No one expected that Israel, which hands down life sentences and decided that they [the prisoners] would go from prison to the grave, [would release them]... We say to Israel: Die in your rage. Go to your cemeteries and recite over your dead whatever you recite. Here they are [who Israel said] 'have blood on their hands' (i.e., murderers); here they are [back] among their own people: fighters, knights, free men!"

Almost all the recently released Palestinian prisoners have been convicted of murder, including of students and little children.

The BBC and the mainstream media in Britain and Europe do not report such stories because, analysts say, they would undermine an ideologically driven narrative of Palestinian victimhood.

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