Aberystwyth University Union Shop Bans ‘Offensive’ Daily Express for EU immigration petition

UPDATED WITH TEXT OF BANNING ORDER: Aberystwyth University’s Union shop has banned the Express from its shelves on grounds that the paper’s call for a petition on EU immigration is deemed ‘offensive content’

by First hand witness on 7 November 2013 13:24


You may have noticed that over the past year or so, a very efficient campaign has been conducted against topless women appearing on Page 3 of some daily newspapers. Whether you agree with the cause or not, you have to admit that the campaign’s ability to attract support from a wide variety of influential figures has to be admired. 

Personally, I’m a ‘brains not boobs’ man when it comes to finding women attractive and If women want to exploit men by making money out of them for a quick flash of skin on Page 3, then I'm fine with it.

But banning an entire newspaper because you don't like a petition aimed at the Prime Minister against excessive immigration? It's just part of the democratic debate.

The notice at Aberystwyth reads:

"Notice to Customers:

"The Daily Express contains a petition for the Prime Minister to defy the EU and keep in place labour market controls on people from Romania and Bulgaria indefinitely.

"This content has been reported as offensive, and as such we not currently stocking the Daily Express."

"Offensive", eh? Burning the books in the library next?

NB: It is fair to point out that the Student Shop is part of the Aberystwyth University Students’ Union, and not Aberystwyth University as such

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