Palestinian Authority says Arafat killed by Jews, just as Prophet Mohammad was

The recent suggestion that Yasser Arafat died from poisoning is tied by "moderate" Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs to allegedly similar Jewish foul play in the death of the Prophet Mohammad

by the commentator on 12 November 2013 16:19


In emulation of the ancient Christian Deicide charge against the Jews, the Palestinian Authority has attempted to link a recent allegation that former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat died due to poisoning with the charge that the Jews poisoned the Prophet Mohammad in much the same way, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) is reporting today.

According to PMW:

"In a recent sermon broadcast on official PA TV, the Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs compared Arafat's death to that of Islam's Prophet Muhammad, saying both were poisoned and murdered by Jews.

"According to the Hadith (sayings and practices attributed to Islam's Prophet Muhammad), a Jewish woman in the Jewish town of Khaibar served Muhammad poisoned meat. On his deathbed three years later, Muhammad told his wife Aisha that the pain he was experiencing was caused by the poisoned meat that he was given by the Jews."

These charges are worryingly similar to the centuries old Christian charge -- now disowned by all mainstream Churches -- that the Jews killed Christ.

Offering further evidence and context, PMW said in its statement:

"In 2012, the PA decided to take samples from Arafat's remains to test if he had been poisoned. Recently, a Swiss and a Russian team have published the results of these tests. The Swiss team concluded that the tests were "coherent with a hypothesis of poisoning." However, a member of the team also stated that "our study did not permit us to demonstrate categorically the hypothesis of poisoning by polonium." The Russian report concluded that "there was insufficient evidence to support the theory that Yasser Arafat died in 2004 by polonium poisoning." [Reuters, Nov. 8, 2013]

"Nevertheless, PA Minister Al-Habbash concluded his sermon as follows: "They killed him. Even Allah's Messenger [Muhammad] - they (i.e., the Jews) killed him with poison... Be satisfied, oh mighty one, oh Martyr Arafat, that you were killed the same way Allah's Messenger was killed... We have no doubt, and I don't think there is a single one among us who has the slightest doubt that Arafat was killed. Deep inside we all know who killed him."

Conspiracy charges are routinely made against the Jewish people as a whole by the Palestinian Authority, which is regarded as moderate in the Palestinian context by the Obama Administration as well as the European Union.

Reports of the kind put out by PMW are not reported by mainstream Western media, including leading broadcast outlets such as CNN and the BBC.

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