Greek neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn climbing back up in opinion polls

After one of its members murdered an anti-racist rapper in September, Golden Dawn's support fell sharply. After two of its own members were shot dead it may now be bouncing back

by the commentator on 17 November 2013 11:50


A new opinion poll suggests that public support for Greek neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn may be bouncing back after the party's ratings fell by a third following the murder by one of its members of an anti-racist campaigner in September.

According to Reuters, a poll published today in the Proto Thema newspaper put Golden Dawn's support at 8.8 percent compared with 6.6 percent a month ago. Prior to the murder of rapper Pavlos Fissas, polls put Golden Dawn's support at between 11 and 13 percent.

This particular poll was conducted by ALCO among a representative sample of the population between November 12 and 15.

Analysts say that Golden Dawn's support may be recovering somewhat in response to the drive-by shooting of two of its members by a far-Left group called The Militant People's Revolutionary Forces outside the party's Athens headquarters at the beginning of November.

Golden Dawn's senior leaders are currently awaiting trial, with a state prosecutor having described the group as a "criminal organisation".

Golden Dawn rose to prominence in 2012 when it became the third largest party in the Greek parliament. It is deeply anti-Semitic, believing in global Jewish conspiracies, and is racist against all non-white minorities.

The socio-economic backdrop to its electoral success is an austerity programme which has seen general unemployment rise to over 25 percent and youth unemployment rise to over 55 percent.

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