An Iran deal brokered by EU's Catherine Ashton, former apologist for communism, has to be suspect

UPDATED: The lavish praise over the Iran nuclear deal being heaped on EU foreign policy supremo Catherine Ashton, who failed to back the West during the Cold War, is itself a signal we should be deeply worried

by Yorker on 24 November 2013 12:26

Oh no. This is terrifying. Catherine Ashton, EU foreign policy chief and former vice-chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is being widely praised as chief broker of the Iran nuclear deal. Look who's praising her, and look what they're saying. (See update below from grovelling Financial Times *.)

Guardian Europe Editor Ian Traynor said on Sunday, without irony, "The former Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament activist had brokered what looks like the biggest nuclear de-escalation of the era, the diplomatic breakthrough of the decade..."

Yes, that former CND activist who backed the wrong side during the Cold War and has never uttered a word of remorse or regret about it. It is her judgement we are relying on.

As if having the imprimatur of the Guardian wasn't bad enough, here comes the EU's very own Laurel and Hardy act.

"I would like to congratulate in particular Catherine Ashton, the high representative/vice-president of the European commission, for this accomplishment, which is a result of her tireless engagement and dedication to the issue over the last four years," said Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission.

His even dimmer colleague, Herman Van Rompuy opined:

"I commend Ashton for her crucial role – as negotiator and co-chair of the talks. Her dedication and perseverance have been key in brokering this first agreement."

But the most damning words about the cave-in to Iran, which will lift some of the sanctions while we basically just trust the regime's word that it isn't continuing to build nuclear weapons, come from Ashton herself.

"... we've done it in a spirit of cooperation, good atmosphere, and although it has been intensive, and very, very detailed, it has also been done with a real sense of mutual respect."

Yes Cathy, I'm sure you do respect the Iranian tyranny as you respected the Soviet tyranny in the good old days. The problem is that then and now, you're just another useful idiot...

* UPDATE: This is appalling from the Financial Times on Nov 27. The piece makes no mention of her CND past, at all! But what do we expect from "The Guardian for Capitalists"? as Melanie Phillips rightly calls the paper.

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