Green Tories "threat" offers classic illustration of how Conservatives lose the battle of ideas

Because the centre of gravity in British politics is at the centre-Left, David Cameron is always being pushed to grovel in the face of the BBC/Guardian agenda

by Westminster shrink on 27 November 2013 02:01

As a quick and pointed illustration of how so-called British Conservatives get sucked into the centre-Left mainstream agenda of the BBC and the Guardian, try this.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting today that Prime Minister David Cameron is under threat in marginal constituencies because he isn't quite playing ball these days with the quintessentially Leftist "Green Agenda". And although the threat is said to be coming from the Liberal Democrats, the warning is being delivered by (spineless) members of his own party.

The paper reports today:

"David Cameron is “driving middle-class voters into the arms of the Liberal Democrats” by abandoning the green agenda, Conservative MPs have warned.Several former Conservative ministers have told the Prime Minister he is risking losing marginal seats to Nick Clegg’s party.

"The Lib Dems have a “green target list”, featuring Conservative MPs that the smaller party believes it can topple after Mr Cameron’s decision to abandon environmental promises."

It gets worse:

"Not everyone has given up on the environmental agenda,” the [Conservative] source said. “There are still concerned middle-class voters out there, and the PM is driving them into the arms of the Lib Dems over this.”

Aha. Those "middle-class voters". Otherwise known as ordinary Brits who are brainwashed by the tree huggers at the BBC on a daily basis.

To be perfectly honest, it is quite possible that some Tory seats are at risk over this issue. But that is because Cameron et al just sit back and take whatever the BBC/Guardian throw at them, and then try and work around it.

If they had any cojones (which they don't) they'd have been out there fighting to forge a new agenda of their own over the past few years.

But I guess that would have taken a bit of courage...

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