French actor Gerard Depardieu humiliated with new role in Russian sitcom

Things have not gone well for Depardieu since fleeing France for Vladimir Putin's Russia. His depiction of Rasputin in a recent movie was slated so badly it was hilarious. Now the humiliation gets worse

by the commentator on 11 December 2013 18:38


French actor Gerard Depardieu is enormous in every sense of the word. Having starred in more than 170 movies, including the hugely acclaimed Cyrano de Bergerac, his flight from France in protest against high taxes brought him into the warm embrace of Russia's Vladimir Putin who granted him Russian citizenship in return for the international celebrity's defence of Putin's authoritarian approach to his critics.

Along with the citizenship came money, apartments, villas and VIP treatment wherever he went. As far as his artistic career is concerned it has been a different matter.

His starring role in Rasputin, released in November was panned in the Russian media. Russia's Time Out said, "Rasputin is so bad, it is better to imagine it was a hallucination." The Trud newspaper described it as "comic strip in costume". Other media played hard on the theme that the only thing watchable about the movie was the shape of his famous nose.

With praise like that, it can be no surprise that Depardieu, winner of multiple prizes and nominated for an Academy Award,  is now being demoted to a role on the TNT channel's sitcom "Zaitsev+1."

The Moscow Times reports on Wednesday that, "the sitcom focuses on the life of a nerdy young student suffering from multiple personality disorder, and Depardieu will play the father of the main character."

In his real life, Depardieu's family relationships are not exactly straightforward either.

It was reported earlier this month that the 64 year old's daughter, Julie, reckoned he only had about five years to live, something she didn't sound overly upset about. She claims to have had plastic surgery on her nose at least five times over concerns that it makes her look too much like him.

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