Watchdog group on new hate propaganda against West from UK Pro-Jihad Islamist Anjem Choudary

Top UK Jihadist and supporters have just threatened floggings for British Muslims who sell alcohol. But this latest report shows he's advocating very much worse for the West as a whole

by MidEast watcher on 14 December 2013 22:17

One role of my postings on The Commentator's blog section here is to just let the professional watchdogs against leading Islamic jihadists do their work and tell their own story.

Here is the preamble to The Middle East Media Research Institute MEMRI's latest report out Saturday, followed by a link for you to read the whole, terrifying story. The preamble reads:

"On Twitter, British Pro-Jihad Islamist Anjem Choudary – Whose Network Is Regarded As 'Single Biggest Gateway To Terrorism' For European Fighters in Syria – Incites To Violence And Jihad, Calls For Conquest Of West; In Tweet, He Defends Opinion Expressed By Accused Islamist During His Trial That U.K. Is 'A Theoretic & Practical Battlefield'.

If that whets your appetite (or makes you feel a little sick), read the full report here.

p.s. It was also reported Saturday that Choudary had led a march through a part of London warning Muslim shopkeepers they faced flogging if they continued to sell alcohol...

Welcome to modern Britain.

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