BBC confusion over Jihadists, especially African ones

The BBC might prefer a caution or a fixed penalty ticket for blowing up supermarkets, but in Kenya they do things differently. And guess what: the West, Britain especially, is also to blame!

Victims of Kenya mall massacre. Perhaps the Jihadists should just get a fine?
Robin Mitchinson
On 22 December 2013 15:39

BBC World News scoops again with a report of  scandalous human rights abuses in Kenya. That the story has more whiskers than Santa is of no consequence to Auntie (the BBC), because she knows that viewers have the intellect of a privet hedge and the attention span of a mayfly.

The Kenyan Police Anti-Terrorist Unit (PATU) has been shooting terrorists. Shock horror!. Auntie might prefer a caution or a fixed penalty ticket for blowing up the supermarket, but in Kenya they do things differently.

Although the BBC implies that the PATU is on the rampage, they only quote a single incident. An extremist cleric who had been preaching violence was taken out in Bonnie-and-Clyde style; the car looks like a colander.  In fact, this looks like a Special Forces operation, but who cares about accuracy if it spoils a good story.

So, to the back-story.

Jihadist Al Shabab sent terrorists to  Kenya. Nothing is easier. There are no boundary fences; all they needed to do was to walk along the endless beaches until they reached Lamu, a major and beautiful tourist resort.

There, they kidnapped and killed foreign tourists: not a smart move in Lamu because although it is 100 percent Muslim it is also 100 percent tourist-dependent.

It was inevitable that Kenya would hit back ruthlessly because its economy is highly tourist-dependent. The military carried the fight into Al Shabab’s back yard and caused mayhem, sending hundreds to meet their virgins.

So Al Shaba infiltrated Nairobi where they spent 3 months in Little Mogadishu, getting all the local support they needed for planning an atrocity. Then came the mall murders.

The police are still not sure how many of the terrorists were killed and how many escaped, but there are two certainties -- that there will be a ‘slum-clearance’ programme in the Somali areas of Nairobi and elsewhere, and that there will be Israeli-style retaliation. It could end in "ethnic-cleansing", as the liberal-Left will inevitably call it.

So back to the BBC, the leftist Guardianista, pro-Palestine, anti-Israel, pro-EU, pro-labour propaganda machine presided over by Lord Fatpang. ‘We don’t just report the story; we live it!’ Yeah, right!

There was even more indignation that the British police and military is providing the training for PATU. We are all guilty!

Some perspective would have been achieved if the Beeb had mentioned that Mossad, the CIA and most intelligence agencies have assassination as a stock-in trade, including radio-active poison to remove tiresome Russian exiles in London (MI6 says bumping people off by their operatives is all John le Carre, but he was also MI6, so who to believe?).

And, of course, we have our drones. Operating from Nevada and Lincolnshire, these regularly take out children, wedding parties, and whole families (not intentionally, of course). But this is done to protect us from something or other, not Africans. And it’s the explosive that does the killing, not someone playing a lethal computer game thousands of miles away.

So that’s all right then, while Africans employing more direct methods of self-defence against Islamist psychopaths is apparently not

Robin Mitchinson, who spent many years working across Africa and recording his experiences, is a regular contributor to The Commentator, Britain's fastest growing online, quality-end comment and news outlet

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