Palestinian Authority says doesn't want "clean" money from EU, wants to use it to fund terrorists

Palestinian minister rejects notion that European Union cash sent to the Palestinian Authority should be "clean" in the sense of not supporting terrorists or their families. The EU has a record of turning a blind eye, analysts say

by the commentator on 25 December 2013 23:55


The European Union, and the United States, have run into trouble before for using taxpayers' money to fund dubious groups, some of which are engaged in or support violent activities, or propaganda designed to incite hatred rather than promote peace in conflict situations.

But rarely has a recipient of donor money been caught on camera saying he and his organisation does not want "clean" money from the European Union anyway.

In a very recent report that has been largely ignored in Western media, watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch offers a series of quotes from top Palestinian Authority (PA) officials.

One says: "The Europeans want their money that comes to us to remain clean - not to go to families of those they claim to be terrorists... These [prisoners] are heroes",  said PA Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake in remarks broadcast on Palestinian TV.

Speaking of the 11 million euros ($15 million) donated to the Palestinian Authority for salaries in November, the "Head of the Prisoners' Club", said:

"What is disbursed to the prisoners is exactly what is disbursed to me and you [a PA civil servant]. These are salaries. Therefore, when the salaries are paid to those working in [government] ministries and institutions, they will also be paid to the prisoners."

Many Palestinian prisoners have been convicted of murdering civilians, including men, women and children, in bomb attacks, shootings and brutal knife attacks.

Close observers say the European Union routinely turns a blind eye to Palestinian incitement to violence and financial support for terrorists. In other words, the Palestinians are correct in assuming they can get away with it.

Analysts add that records of EU proceedings show huge numbers of resolutions critical of Israel.

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