EU heralds 2014 as yet another assault on democracy

The European Union is no longer un-democratic, or anti-democratic. It has become a neo-authoritarian project, and the latest news is just another example of how and why

Democracy teacher gives EU a big red cross
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On 29 December 2013 12:56

It is a tragic irony that the pro-democracy protestors in Ukraine are waving EU flags as a symbol of what they want. Even we acknowledge that the EU is better than the appalling Viktor Yanukovich, the country's president, let alone Russia's Vladimir Putin.

So, Brussels is better than Moscow and Kiev. Great job!

But a democracy the EU is not, as we reported in our exclusive story late last night on the latest effort to bludgeon a European country into joining the euro when it plainly doesn't want it, as the opinion polls conclusively show.

The country in question is the former Soviet republic of Latvia. It's not a big country -- population just over two million -- but Latvians count as much as the rest of us, and they deserve their democratic rights. (There's also the question of who is next? What do these people have planned for 2014?)

Well, that's what we think. The vastly overpaid, tin-pot bureaucrats in Brussels think differently, as they've shown on many occasions.

The top and bottom of it is that Latvia enters the eurozone on January 1, 2014 while polls show 60 percent of Latvians are dead set against the idea. Unlike Brussels, they've seen how the euro can devastate economies or exacerbate their problems, as we have seen in Ireland and across southern Europe.

No wonder they're burning European flags in the capital city of Riga against the euro (see picture in the link).

But Brussels doesn't care. After all, they've trashed European democratic principles many times. Remember the repeat referendums in Ireland on EU constitutional arrangements? The Irish said "no" to EU treaties in 2001 and 2008, but were forced to vote again on both occasions until they said "yes".

Remember the rejection of the so called European Constitution in the last decade by France and the Netherlands? That time the results were ignored and the document in question was re-named the Lisbon Treaty so Brussels could get around the problem that way. Blatant fraud; another line on the charge sheet.

Remember the ludicrous Herman Van Rompuy, who holds the pointless job of President of the European Council and is paid more than Barack Obama for the privilege? Remember how he had the temerity to tell Italy not to hold a general election in November 2011?

There's only so long when isolated instances start to become a pattern. And the pattern we see is of a neo-authoritarian superstate in the making. Poor old Latvia.

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