Swedish pub serves pure water as vodka, and not completely by mistake

The nature of the customer's alleged "over-reaction" to being served "shots" of tap water instead of vodka was not disclosed but there are no reports the pub owner has been hospitalised. Good thing the "oversight" didn't take place in Glasgow or a little town in Texas

by the commentator on 30 December 2013 23:35


Vodka is a Slavic word, literally meaning "little water". Can't blame the Swedes for not speaking Russian. But as one very annoyed and far too sober Swedish customer found out on a seasonal drinking session last week there was nothing "little" about the Vodka at all.

It really was water, tap water at that, and when the "vodka" and red bulls failed to have the desired effect there was quite a scene at Harry's Pub in the south-central Swedish town of Motola.

The man in question was accused by the pub for over-reacting both at the time and on his Facebook account after the bar tender was said by Sweden's The Local paper to have become irritated when he and his friends angrily crowded towards the bar and asked for a pure shot of vodka just to be sure the apparent rip-off was real.

"It wasn't vodka, it wasn't watered-down vodka, IT WAS PURE WATER IN THE SHOT!", the man who has not been named wrote on his Facebook page.

It sounds like the perfect way to stop vodka swillers from imbibing too much and convincing themselves that they really are ((link if you like the song) Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and can then trash the joint to their heart's content. The pub says it was a one off; a mistake that applied only to the man in question.

Though never mind Rudolf's nose, Pinocchio's might be more appropriate as many guests are reported to have felt decidedly sober after swilling gallons of the water they had bought believing it was vodka. The pub is having none of it, of course, but there will be those who remain suspicious after this explanation from The Local.

"Pub authorities said there was a perfectly legitimate reason for the water-filled vodka bottle. During the past half year, several break-ins occurred, in which some 40 bottles of vodka were stolen. The bottles of water were intended to bamboozle would-be burglars, not to cheat clients..."

The pub's owner, told local newspaper Corren:"We got tired of [the burglaries]  and decided to fill several vodka bottles with water. We have since removed them but apparently missed one... I have spoken with the person and explained. I think the guest overreacted."

The nature of the customer's over-reaction was not disclosed but there are no reports that the pub owner has been hospitalised. It's a good thing the "oversight" didn't take place in Glasgow or a country bar in Texas.

The Local added: "Rumours have circulated online that many guests received shots with water, and several wrote that the pub's measures against robbery were remarkable as the backdoor apparently doesn't have an alarm."

On the bright side, there were no reports of drink driving offences from the pub's customers, or of wanton acts of lewd behaviour in the town centre that evening.

N.B.  For another seasonal story of strange, and loveable Sweden see this story about baroque bare breasts and the Swedish parliament's decision, for reasons of political correctness, soberly to remove a painting in which they were featured

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