Our Top 5 worst instances of politically correct madness in 2013 -- some hilarious; some frightening

Here is our shortlist of the most laughable, and sometimes disturbing, instances of political correctness in 2013 from Britain, America and Europe. Which is worst do you think?

by the commentator on 1 January 2014 15:04


Here is our challenge to you to let us know which of these five examples is truly the worst example of political correctness in 2013. Some are laugh-out-loud hilarious in their sheer stupidity. Some are frankly disturbing.

They are from America, Britain and Europe. And they all say something about the world we live in. You be the judge.

Just click on the links. So, in no particular order:

1. Britain and America in close competition for stupid, politically correct stunts of the year award

2. Swedish parliament takes down bare breasted baroque painting for fear of offending Muslims and feminists

3. In US little boy suspended from school for firing an imaginary bow and arrow, plus much more PC insanity

4. From the United Nations this is the laughable-but-sick side of absurd political correctness

5. Back in Sweden, staying with the sick, really sick, side of political correctness, convicted Paedophile allowed to adopt young child

So, there you have it. Perhaps you have your own examples to share. Do so in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

And amongst our own offerings, which one got you going the most?

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