Jews as "rats" and "crows" scandal on Palestinian TV, involves funding from EU and World Bank

A Palestinian TV show has allowed a broadcast of views of Israeli Jews as "rats" and "crows". The co-producer of the show gets funding from the EU and others. UPDATE: As yet, (Jan 6) no EU condemnation; no report on matter from BBC

by the commentator on 2 January 2014 14:53


Palestinian Media Watch, a leading NGO monitoring the Palestinian media, has just come out with some shocking revelations of extreme anti-Semitic language on Palestinian TV. Funding from the EU, the World bank and others is involved (see below).

"The PA TV broadcast spoke about "crows" while showing visuals of religious Jews, and stated that "the rats are armed" while showing visuals of Israeli soldiers," PMW said.

Jews as "rats" was a central theme of Nazi propaganda, and facilitated the Holocaust by dehumanising the Jewish people.

The press release said it was an episode of the programme Sights of Jerusalem broadcast in October. (It often takes time for such information to filter through since NGOs working in the West Bank and Gaza as well as Western journalists, habitually refuse to report information casting a bad light on the Palestinians, even if it is factually correct).

PMW quoted from the broadcast thus:

"The crows pass by and caw (visual of Jews) and the rats are armed (visual of Israeli soldiers). But we know that the gates will smile only when we enter them... Jerusalem will never accept any language other than Arabic and any nationality other than Palestinian, no matter how much the flags of the foreigners fly in its sky."

PMW added:

"The program was co-produced by PA TV and PYALARA, a Palestinian NGO for youth. PYALARA is funded by NDC (NGO Development Center). NDC's donors include: the European Union, the World Bank, the French government's Agence Française de Développement, and a donor consortium of Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden."

To see the full report, inluding a video, click here.

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