Set American former jihadist Colleen LaRose who tried to kill me free, says Swedish political cartoonist

Colleen LaRose will be sentenced next week having already confessed to terror related charges. But her intended victim has intervened by saying she may as well be set loose

by the commentator on 4 January 2014 16:32


Colleen LaRose. an American woman who attempted to kill a Swedish cartoonist for insulting Islam and who faces sentencing in the United States on Monday, should be set free, the cartoonist himself, Lars Vilks, was quoted as saying by Sweden's Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (TT) news agency Saturday.

Prosecutors say LaRose should spend decades behind bars after converting to a radical form of Islam and becoming involved in a plot to kill Vilks in 2009 for penning a cartoon partially characterising the prophet Muhammad as a dog.

But as the sentencing approaches, Lars has intervened by suggesting LaRose -- dubbed "Jihad Jane" -- has probably put her past behind her and no longer poses a threat to him. 

"From my point of view they might as well set her loose. I wouldn't have any opinions about that," Vilks was quoted by the TT news agency as saying just two days before the sentencing is due to take place.

Adding that he would not feel endangered if she were to be freed, which appears unlikely, he went on to say:

"I don't think she would get herself caught up in that any more. She is neutralized as far as I understand it."

According to previous reporting on the case by Reuters, LaRose took instructions to kill Vilks from a Pakistan-based al Qaeda operative. She spent several weeks in Ireland but after over a month of waiting became impatient and flew home to Philadelphia, where she was arrested by the police.

She is widely reported to have had a difficult upbringing having been sexually abused by her father. Prosecutors have said she was at least partially cooperative during criminal proceedings, but appeared to recall her Jihadist past with a strange sense of pride.

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