Now EU admits they want a United States of Europe

U.S.E. (United States of Europe), does not have the same ring to at is U.S.A. But that's because a U.S.E is a fantasy world invented by Brussels. At least now they admit that that is what they're after, and it's something Britain can't be part of, says John Redwood MP

United States of Europe fantasy/nightmare
Sir John Redwood MP
On 10 January 2014 21:13

I would like to thank European Commissioner Reding for her honesty having just reminded us that the aim of the EU project is a United States of Europe (USE). As I have frequently pointed out before, they have got a long way towards creating one.

It is not a superstate I want my country to be part of. We need a new relationship with the emerging USE.

The Commissioner thinks the unelected Commission (she just happens to be a member of it) should be the government. She thinks the European Parliament should be the equivalent of the House of Commons.

She thinks there should be some new Senate for national politicians from member states to be the House of Lords. It’s generous of her to leave us that emaciated role in our government.

It is time that the media asked our leading European enthusiasts if they share their Commissioner’s vision. If they do not, how will they stop her and the many in Brussels who think as she does, from doing just that?

It is time the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Douglas Alexander (Shadow Foreign Secretary) Mr Clegg and the other main pro Europeans were asked to confront the reality that the EU is evolving quickly into the United States of Europe.

Why do they think that a good idea? Why haven’t they been honest about this obvious development? What do they think the UK should now do, given the unpopularity of the emerging USE with a majority of the British people?

The pro Europeans in UK politics have regularly briefed the press and made speeches saying they need to make the case for the EU, claiming it is good for the UK. They have never set out in detail just how many powers have already gone to the EU.

They have not explained the growing tensions in our relationship. We rightly stay outside the Euro when most of the rest are plunging headlong into more federal arrangements to preserve the currency.

It is time they were asked to explain just how much Europe we already have, how much more they would like, and what they think of Mrs. Reding’s refreshingly honest vision of where the logic of EU development takes its members.

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