A short letter to Boris Johnson

UKIP's Chairman of Friends of Poland has written an open letter to the Mayor of London, delivered last week, imploring him not to stigmatise honest, hard working Poles over welfare. The real scandal is the foreign aid budget which spends billions on people, many of whom hate Britain

Come on Boris. The Poles are great
Przemek Skwirczynski
On 12 January 2014 08:58

Dear Mr Johnson, I am writing with regards to the question you posed during last week's phone-in to radio LBC 97.3: “Why should the British taxpayers be looking after children who are living in Poland?”

To answer your question: The benefits in question only apply to the children of British taxpayers; therefore British taxpayers are paying for their own children. Being a British taxpayer does not rule out having a family in Poland.

To put this in context, (a likely over-generous) Daily Mail estimate puts the yearly benefit total at £21 million.

As an ex-Conservative, yet still a small “c” conservative, who lent his name to your 2012 Mayoral Campaign and successfully encouraged Poles to vote, I feel it necessary to remind you and the Conservative Party about the obligation to respect the Poles who live in the United Kingdom and who may have even voted you in.

After all, you were elected in local elections by not only British citizens but also by the votes of any EU citizens resident at the time in London.

As per our letter of 27th December 2013 to the Prime Minister, we are concerned with the recent stigmatising rhetoric used by top Conservatives which is targeting the Polish minority and disappointed to see you join in, as we would have expected you to be above this sort of populism.

And please rest assured that we are also in favour of controlled migration and controlled spending; it is just that we are trying to get to the bottom of why the Poles in particular are being used as scapegoats whenever anti-EU rhetoric is applied.

Now, we would like to pose our own question to you as a major representative of the Conservative Party: Why should British taxpayers be looking after people who do not work in Britain and who often hate Britain, Brits and all things British, via the Foreign Aid budget?

Putting this in a perspective, the Daily Express estimates the annual Foreign Aid budget at £10 billion.

Yours sincerely,

Przemek Skwirczynski, Chairman -- Friends of Poland in UKIP

NB: This letter was delivered to Boris Johnson on January 9, and was copied to the Polish Ambassador to Britain

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