EU's single market not all it's cracked up to be

Despite all the europhile scare stories, many businesses think the costs of the single market outweigh the benefits to them. Again, we see that Britain needs flexibility not red tape from Brussels, says John Redwood MP

EU single market is a burden
Sir John Redwood MP
On 15 January 2014 11:19

Representatives of British business (Business for Britain) have made an interesting proposal. They have suggested that the complex and expensive single market rules should only apply to business for export from the UK to other EU destinations.

They have shown that many UK businesses think the costs of the single market outweigh the benefits to them.

Most businesses are small and operate in a local or regional market in the UK. Even some larger businesses confine themselves to the UK market. There is no need to burden them with costly requirements designed for intra European trade.

Nor should businesses seeking to meet the requirements of China, America and the other non EU markets have to meet all the EU’s requirements as well.

It could be easier and cheaper for our exporters to non EU destinations if they had the option to opt out of some of the EU requirements.

The Uk Parliament would ensure sufficient standards for UK businesses under a clear framework of domestic law.

It is good to see a business lobby realising that the single market programme imposes costs and can damage business. They have come up with a flexible proposal.

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