Terror of Christian Coptic kids abducted in Egypt

Latest kidnapping of Christian Coptic child in Egypt raises fears as pattern emerges of young children being abducted and sometimes tortured and killed whether the ransom is paid or not

Blessing Coptic children
Raymond Ibrahim
On 16 January 2014 08:26

Another Coptic Christian child was recently kidnapped in Egypt, raising fears about his safety after the torture and murder of other kidnapped children whether the ransom is ultimately paid or not, according to reports from rights groups.

Thirteen-year-old Cyril Rif‘at Fayiz was abducted in the Minya district by “unknown persons” who later called the child’s parents demanding one million Egyptian pounds, nearly the equivalent of $150,000. 

This phenomenon -- kidnapping and holding Coptic children captive for large ransoms -- has become a regular feature of the Egyptian landscape, particularly in Upper Egypt. A few examples follow:

As for Coptic girls, they are even more vulnerable than Coptic boys and disappear with greater frequency. 

As an International Christian Concern report puts it, “hundreds of Christian girls … have been abducted, forced to convert to Islam, and forced into marriage in Egypt. These incidents are often accompanied by acts of violence, including rape, beatings, and other forms of physical and mental abuse.”

Raymond Ibrahim, a regular contributor to The Commentator and Fellow of the Hoover Institution, is author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians

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