UKIP asks Cameron not to stigmatise Poles

UKIP Friends of Poland has sent an open letter to Prime Minister Cameron asking him to show more respect to Poles in Britain, stressing that while controlled immigration is necessary stigmatisation is not

A common feature of modern Britain
Przemek Skwirczynski
On 25 January 2014 09:14

Dear Prime Minister, We wish to express our utmost concern at the increasing use of the post-2004 Polish migration to the United Kingdom as a scapegoat for the country's problems arising largely from the mismanagement of the British economy in the wake of the global economic crisis by this and the previous government.

It is worrying that your government has adopted the rhetoric previously used by the Leader of the Opposition Rt Hon Edward Miliband MP, in particular the choice of words in your EU summit speech, describing the recent East European migration as a "disaster" and the access to the market by Polish citizens in particular as a "huge mistake".

As much as we are also in favour of controlled migration, please bear in mind that great many of the post-2004 East European migrants will by now be British citizens, who see the United Kingdom as their home, have often intermarried with the local British population and are often by now raising children in the spirit of Britishness.

Such ill-advised comments would be especially hurtful for them along with their families, not least that it has been widely estimated that the net contribution of the post-2004 migrants to the British economy has been positive.

For example, University College London (UCL) study found that the arrivals from EEA countries contributed a net GBP 25 billion to public finances, and paid 34 percent more in taxes than they received back in benefits over 2001-2011.

This net contribution, as well as the fact that Poles have been integrating much more successfully into the British society than many other waves of migrants -- without pointing fingers -- makes your choice of words even more inexplicable.

It almost raises the question whether the Poles should not be awarded an official "ethnic minority" status to be offered a similar level of protection in our society which benefits other non-Anglo-Saxon or Celtic peoples, although we sincerely hope that such a move will not be necessary and, instead, the sniping at Poles by the political establishment will instead die its natural death in the near future.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Przemek Skwirczynski, Chairman - Friends of Poland in UKIP

NB: This letter was delivered to Mr. Cameron on January 20, and was copied to the Polish Ambassador to Britain. Friends of Poland in UKIP has sent similar letters to London Mayor Boris Johnson and Labour leader Ed Miliband

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