Rick Perry: Could it really have been that short lived?

Three debates in and a New Hampshire poll down, Rick Perry looks like he's lost his mojo. Is that all, folks?

Rick Perry: Down and out?
The Commentator
On 24 September 2011 09:23

If you watched the Fox/Google debate that kicked off the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida this week, you'll know which video clip we're going to embed below. If you didn't, you're in for something of a treat.

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, created waves when he entered the GOP race for the presidential nomination. His entry scared off other vultures who were circling, like Giuliani and Palin perhaps, and he robbed momentum from the now almost absent Michele Bachmann. 

Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul all saw their own figures give way as the Governor of the Lone Star State threw his Stetson in the ring. Alas this honeymoon period was short lived for Perry. Latest performances and polling figures suggest he's coming crashing back down to earth like an old NASA satellite. His campaign team will be praying he doesn't break up on re-entry.

It's perfectly possible for Perry to completely derail at this point - in fact, it's almost likely. The Governor shows signs of reluctance or reticence when debating - many say his heart is simply not in it. Regardless of whether you think he has an emotional attachment to the campaign or to the office of the President of the United States, serious questions must be raised about whether he has the intellectual attachment:

Of course let's not forget, he's still leading in the national polls and has only been in the race for six weeks. Nonetheless this isn't going to be an easy ride to victory for Perry as so many once thought. He'll really have to fight to stay on course.

Stay tuned to The Commentator for updates on the GOP race. It's getting better by the day.

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