Saturday Night Live parodies GOP debates

Silly season in the UK is ostensibly over but the GOP debates have ushered in a new wave of political parodies. This one is excellent.

Ron Paul according to SNL
The Commentator
On 25 September 2011 12:43

Yesterday we posted a video which showed Rick Perry and his inevitable tiredness prevailing in the previous GOP debate. Today we bring you another video just as hilarious - but this time it's a parody.

Saturday Night Live, with its star cast and guest Alec Baldwin did a fantastic job of lampooning the GOP debate as you'll see below. We think they got Ron Paul down to a tee, while the Jon Huntsman and Herman Cain portions were side-splittingly funny.

But we won't harp on about it, have a look for yourself below. These are eleven minutes of your life that won't be wasted!

Sidenote: If this is meant to be the Fox-Google debate, can anyone tell us who's missing? (Comments below)

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