Labour and LibDems oppose democracy over EU

John Redwood MP succinctly points out that Labour and Liberal Democrat members of the British parliament did all they could to thwart a referendum on Britain's EU membership. Truly shocking... if you believe in democracy and trust the people

by John Redwood MP on 2 February 2014 19:53

Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs mainly stayed away form the Referendum Bill in the Commons. They clearly recognised that a referendum is popular with their electors and they did  not want to be seen opposing it and voting it down.

In the Lords Labour and Liberal democrat peers did vote it down by refusing it the extra time it needed, and refusing to speed up consideration of their many needless amendments.

It is strange world where two parties love the EU and all its works, want us to stay in, yet are determined to deny the rest of us a say in a referendum.

The stealthy way they killed the Referendum Bill tells us a lot about their approach to this most important of issues. Mr Cameron intends to try again in the next session, and may also use  the Parliament Act.

Mr. Redwood has kindly given permission for his postings from his personal blog to be reposted. We recommend that readers look out for his writings here

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