Pakistani Islamists shooting polio vaccine medics as CIA and Jewish stooges

Plainly news that you have read many times in mainsream media... OK, back to reality. Pakistani kids dying of Polio as vaccinators get shot as CIA and Jewish stooges

by MidEast watcher on 10 February 2014 19:58


In a major humanitarian issue that would be headline news across the world, and would be highlighted by rights groups such as Oxfam if they and mainstream media outlets were not so pre-occupied with their campaign against Israel, a special report from MEMRI (The Middle East Media Research Institute) points out the horrific consequences for children of Islamist activity in Pakistan.

Consider the following headlines from MEMRI:

"Rising Attacks On Polio Workers In Pakistan - Media Report: Rumors That The Vaccine 'Is A CIA Plot To Sterilize Muslim Children'; Article: 'Jews, Who Dream Of Ruling The World, Have Invented... Vaccines, Drugs, And Injections... To Weaken Muslims'

That would get most people's attention. Not the mainstream media in Britain, the United States or Europe where they simply do not fit the politically correct narrative that disease and poverty cause extremism, rather than extremism being the cause of disease and poverty.

MEMRI quotes and translates from an Urdu magazine in the following terms:

"On January 21, 2014, three members of a polio vaccination team, including two women, were shot dead in the streets of Karachi, while another anti-polio health worker was killed in Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. According to a January 22 Pakistani media report, "Following the attack[s], health workers halted polio vaccination drives across Pakistan, where efforts to eradicate this crippling disease are being obstructed by the local Taliban militants and hardline clerics, who declare it a Western conspiracy to make children infertile and is against the tenets of Islam."

"In recent years, attacks on polio vaccination teams across Pakistan have been increasing. While neighboring India halted polio in 2011 and is to be certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as polio-free in February 2014, Pakistan has become a cause of concern over rising polio cases, with many countries considering mandating a polio vaccination for travelers from Pakistan."

To read the full report, which you will not find elsewhere, please click here.

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