Ukraine: In 200 words,drop the fantasy. Here's the deal

The almost unbelievable incompetence of the Western media leaves one speechless. Except this: Russia has annexed Crimea. Get used to it. You wanted Barack Obama. Accept the consequences

The man! He owns Crimea now
the commentator
On 6 March 2014 15:05

The breathtaking ignorance of Western commentators on Ukraine and Crimea leaves one almost speechless. In 200 words or less, here's the deal.

1. Crimea has existential-level historic resonance for Russia. In the context of the political-psychological loss of the Soviet Union for Russians, it is inconceivable that Vladimir Putin can now back down over Crimea. The referendum will (must, by fair means or foul) agree to Crimea becoming part of the Russian Federation.

2. The West is led by Barack Obama -- the most incompetent American president in all American history; and a "leader" who does not believe in the Free World, let alone American leadership of it.

3. The European Union is a foreign policy disaster, led, foreign policy wise, by Catherine Ashton someone who supported the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

4. Crimea is now part of Russia. End of story. Putin would have to quit politics to allow any other outcome.

5. The only question is whether Russia's annexation of Crimea leads to other parts of Ukraine in the east following suit.

We could add a dozen more points. But be under no illusions about the core issue. Russia has taken "back" Crimea. And that's that!

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