Argentina seeks miracle from Pope over Falklands

Argentina's fake victimhood over the Falklands can't disguise the fact that it is they who are the imperialists. When Kirchner visits Pope Francis he'll be too polite to tell her to get lost. We aren't!

Wasn't one bout of Argy-bargy enough?
the commentator
On 16 March 2014 13:21

So, the irrepressibly opportunistic Cristina Kirchner, president of Argentina, is to meet the Pope in Rome on Monday. High on her agenda, we understand, is yet another attempt to get Pope Francis to intervene on behalf of Argentina's neo-imperialist claim to a group of islands they never truly owned, never truly populated, never truly developed, and whose long-standing residents voted 99.8 percent to remain British a year ago this month.

Pope Francis was born in Buenos Aires and, in the past, he has allowed native patriotism to cloud his judgement. One hopes and doubts that as Pontiff he would continue to take such a narrow and misguided view.

The Pope's opinions, are of course, his affair. What really strikes a (low) note is Kirchner's tenacity in pursuing a forlorn ambition to disguise a hopeless presidency.

The word that sticks in the mind is "imperialism". Let us be clear then about a few things.

First, the Falklands were British before Argentina was even a fully independent country.

Second, the vast majority of Argentina's citizens, according to some definitions over 90 percent, trace their ancestry back to Europe. If the issue is said to be one of European colonialism, let 90 percent plus of the Argentine population get in their canoes and paddle back to Europe. Then we can have a discussion about the Falklands and imperialism. (Note: Kirchner is of Spanish and German descent. When she's over in Europe perhaps she should claim asylum in Berlin or Madrid?)

Third, the Falklands are 300 miles from Argentina. If proximity granted sovereignty rights, Britain could claim half of Western Europe, and they could claim us in return. Pure nonsense. Get a life.

Fourth, in the modern world sovereignty must be tied up with self-determination. The Falklanders have made their wishes clear.

Now, Ms. Kirchner. Take a look at the photograph attached to this article. Britain and the Falklanders made it perfectly clear where they stood and what they are prepared to sacrifice. That was in the face of a doomed fascist predecessor. We're pretty sure we can handle you.

Go and do something better, like improving the lives of your people, and kindly leave the democratic, and British, Falklanders well alone.

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