The BBC and the extremist mainstream

BBC bias is a national disgrace. The entire top tier of management should be sacked immediately and replaced with a politically balanced alternative. If they refuse, scrap the whole thing

by BBC Nemesis on 20 April 2014 09:47

One of the most telling aspects of BBC bias is that the state broadcaster's senior management plainly doesn't give a damn even when it's pointed out to them.

We know that because year in year out we're served up with "news" that is little better than left-leaning, politically correct propaganda. (Check out some of the Related Articles below). Stories, often of great significance, go unreported if they would threaten the ideological narrative of the day.

This is especially obvious when you get to what the Left regards as litmus test issues: Islam, Israel, immigration, the EU, the UN, climate change for example.

When these subjects are raised journalism disappears and is replaced with political propaganda. The reporters, editors, producers and presenters all know what the line must be, and they slavishly follow it. To do otherwise would cost them their jobs, or at least any chance whatsoever of promotion.

Over at the Telegraph, Christopher Booker has a good piece in the matter.

" ever more people seem to recognise, the most damaging price we pay for the BBC’s near-monopoly of the airwaves is the way it imposes on our national culture its own, only too recognisable view of the world: its own narrow, one-sided, left-of-centre form of groupthink."

Quite so, but as I said at the top, the senior managment couldn't care less. They only ever read the opinion pages of the Guardian and the New Statesman anyway. So the only way they'd get to see Booker's piece would be if some naive intern dropped it on their desk in the belief that it's kind of disgraceful that this state of affairs was ever allowed to arise in the first place.

At which point, said intern would quickly be externed for having had the temerity to upset the prejudices of the extremist mainstream, which is what the top tier of BBC management represents.

The fact that a national broadcaster supported by a compulsory licence fee has so little regard for basic standards of balance or even intellectual pluralism suggests that the only way things could change is if the entire senior management is dismissed and then replaced with people who know what freedom of thought actually means.

And if that isn't done, the calls to scrap the BBC will grow, and one day, that's exactly what will happen.

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