Hamas tells kids to shoot all the Jews

The call to genocide is not new from Hamas, and the use of children is commonplace. But given the recent breakdown of U.S. brokered peace talks, it will complicate any efforts to renew them

by the commentator on 5 May 2014 14:57


The anti-Semitic terror group Hamas, which runs the Gaza strip and which has recently moved to reconcile differences with the Palestinian Authority, came under renewed criticism on Monday after revelations reached the West that Hamas TV had just run a broadcast openly telling children to kill all the Jews.

The call to genocide is not new from Hamas, and the use of children is commonplace. However, the timing of the broadcast will be seized upon by the Israeli government as further evidence that no peace can be done with the Palestinian Authority while it consorts with Hamas.

Watchdog organisation Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), reported that, "on the weekly Hamas TV children's program Tomorrow's Pioneers this week. The young Hamas TV host Rawan talks to a young girl in the studio named Tulin, who tells her she wants to be a police officer when she grows up. The child host directs her to the conclusion that as a police officer she would shoot "all the Jews."

In a press release, PMW translated the dialogue from the original Arabic into English as follows:

Child host (Rawan): "Tulin, why do you want to be a police officer? Like who?"

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