Bonkers Guardian columnist blames Boko Haram kidnappings on... the West!

The Guardian and its columnist's priority seems to be to see how they can get out of this situation a bit of a propaganda coup against the West, which of course is more to blame than the global jihad, which isn't mentioned

by the commentator on 7 May 2014 08:29

Even by the shabby standards ot the Guardian in general and the Stop the War Coalition in particular, today's op-ed by Stop the War "convenor" Lindsey German sets something of a new low.

As more than 270 girls kidnapped by Islamist terror group Boko Haram in Nigeria are right now being brutalised, raped, and sold into slavery, you'd have thought this was a time for sober reflection on the horrors of the global jihad and the religious-political basis upon which it is founded, as well as a time to do everything in our power to help these poor girls.

But then you're not Lindsey German. She thinks it's the time to say the following:

1. We should do jack shit about it, on the grounds that we're a bunch of Western imperialists who have no moral right to do anything involving military action to help anyone.

2. It's our fault that this is happening anyway.

In any case, this is a non-sequitur: if it's our fault we have double the obligation to do something about it. But, of course, it isn't our fault, despite German's admonition that, "The plight of kidnapped girls is set against the corruption and inequality that the west's economic war has helped to create," as the summary to her article puts.

Apart from the cretinous nature of that sentiment, it also betrays a deep-seated inhumanity. At a time of almost unimaginable suffering for hundreds of young girls, German's priority is to see how she can get out of this situation a bit of a propaganda coup against the West.

The satisfaction of her own ignorant prejudices flows like a river through her article, while the plight of the kids is just a side issue, confined to what to us look like a few pro-forma words about a tragedy that "touches the hearts of everyone".

Obviously, the word jihad does not even appear once. And when she mentions Islamism, here's how she does it:

"If Islamism is now a threat to western interests in growing parts of Africa, it is one that they have played a large part in creating."

A threat to "Western interests"? For crying out loud, what about the kids' interests?

Yesterday, we ran a piece in the main section on how the Left should hang its head in shame over the Boko Haram tragedy. But how could we expect them to do that when it now seems so clear that shame is something they simply don't have? But read her article and make up your own mind.

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