Desperate, farcical Guardian at it again against UKIP

A couple of thick Romanian -- if indeed they were Romanian -- "protestors" who wouldn't know a "Nazi" from a fried egg, started causing problems at a rally and Nigel Farage stayed away. That's supposed to be embarrassing to UKIP! (See UPDATE: The "Romanians" were indeed fake)

by Guardian slayer on 20 May 2014 15:58

Right at the top of the front page, just below an "Exclusive" about Syria, guess what the Guardian is running as its most high profile domestic story? No way! Another smear against UKIP?

This is one is frankly pathetic. The headline reads: "Ukip 'carnival' turns farcical." In reality, the only thing farcical is the story itself. The Guardian "thinks" it's an embarrassment for UKIP that Nigel Farage didn't turn up to an event in Croyden. But it turns out that bigots and extremists were hell bent on causing problems for him, possibly threatening his safety.

As the Guardian itself said, "one of the party's most prominent black activists Winston McKenzie" argued that:

"If he [Farage] hasn't turned up he is a very sensible man. It just shows how successive governments have continued to fail communities like Croydon.

"Croydon, which was once the place to be, the place to shop, has now become, sadly, a dump … How can you ask an international leader to turn up somewhere where he feels unsafe?"

In other words Farage's decision was perfectly reasonable. It transpired that "two Romanian protesters, who declined to give their names" (ie. they were probably put up to it by far-Left groups and/or the Guardian itself) had started intimidating Mr. McKenzie (a fine example of racial tolerance, one might note) and accused "Ukip of being a Nazi party".

So, to sum up, a couple of thick Romanian -- *if indeed they were Romanian -- "protestors" who wouldn't know a Nazi from a fried egg, started causing problems at a rally and Nigel Farage stayed away.

To cap it all, the Guardian said it had also become a farce because, "two members of a hired steel band said they were uncomfortable about playing at the event" after discovering it was for UKIP since UKIP was "racist". Yes but Mr. McKenzie doesn't think that and he presumably would know.

Al in all, there really is a farce going on here: the desperate lengths to which the Guardian will go to cook up anything to "embarrass" Nigel Farage. One doubts whether this will do anything other than guarantee another 50,000 votes for UKIP on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Guardian has carried countless articles apologising for communist tyrants, terror groups such as Hamas, and is widely considered in the State of Israel and much of the Jewish Diaspora as irretrievably anti-Semitic.

Thank goodness they're in a position to pass moral judgements...

*UPDATE: It turns out that the "Romanian" protestors who refused to give their names, were not Romanian at all, just as we suspected. In response to accusations, first mooted here, that this was a put-up job even the Guardian is now backtracking and saying that the protestors "claimed to be from Romania" (my Italics). Well, well, well. What a climb-down...

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