So, one last, hopelessly counterproductive smear against UKIP from mainstream media/politics?

Come on. Let's have some fun. What's the last minute smear we can expect against UKIP? Nigel and women's underwear? "War criminal" charges? Spurned lovers? We wait with bated breath

by Westminster shrink on 21 May 2014 15:10

There's still time, and they're lost-in-space enough to do it. So, what's the betting the mainstream parties and their ever servile lackeys in the old media will try one last push from the gutter against UKIP ahead of the voting in Thursday's European elections?

After sex smears, racism smears, corruptions smears and smears that are so stupid I'll just call them smear smears you surely couldn't put it past them to try something even at the last minute.

Let's try and imagine what it might be:

"Farage nanny says he stole her knickers, and WORE them!" (The Sun); "Farage to be indicted for war crimes in Rwandan genocide, against black people" (The Guardian); "Spurned lover says heartless Nigel made her cry, for being a 'Tory loser'" (The Telegraph); "Look here. We're the establishment. Who does this upstart UKIP fellow think he is? This man lacks manners!" (Times editorial); "UKIP leader stole nanny's underwear, is due to be indicted for war crimes, insulted lover, and stands accused of lacking manners, objective reports in the British media say," (The BBC).

Well, it's not so far from what we have become used to.

Of course, they're already working out a Plan B. If, in the face of all the smears and slurs, UKIP only comes in second on Thursday you can bet your boots they'll talk about "disappointment for UKIP", which by any objective measure, of course, it wouldn't be.

Bring on the vote. It's going to be so much fun.

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