Scrap Britain's pig horrific NHS. It's killing your relatives

Britain's National Health Service is the worst health system in the Western world. Meanwhile, your relatives will die earlier than they would in, for example, Austria, where there's a more rational mix between state and private medicine

Want a system for pigs, get treated like pigs
the commentator
On 30 May 2014 17:15

If you're British, here's the message: grow up and get real. If you're not British and you're laughing, we at The Commentator quite understand. Britain's National Health Service is the worst in the entire Western world, and yet the country is proud of it.

Want a health system fit for pigs? OK. Expect to be treated like a pig.

Yet again, the British media is up in arms about the failures of the National Health Service. It's blah level pathetic. You get what you don't pay for. People in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are overtaking Britain in cancer survival rates.

Britain has the worst health system in the Western world. The line is that the NHS is "the envy of the world". No, it's not. In the Western world nobody has ever emulated the British NHS. The only people who envy the UK's NHS are people who live in countries without basic health care. The NHS is not the envy of the world, but it may well be the envy of the Third World.

Keep backing the NHS. But only do so if you want your British relatives to die earlier than their counterparts across Europe. Oh, and if you're really against the welfare of patients the NHS is perfect for ensuring your grandmother will spend her last years wallowing in a dirty bed, replete with her urine and excrement.

So, make up your mind. Good health, or socialism?

Scrap the NHS now.

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