Instant View: A Tory party speech that reassured Cameron's party, instilled confidence in the UK

Raheem Kassam shares his instant view on Cameron's speech: all in all, a muted conference made for a rousing leader's speech. Party, public and business will sleep well tonight.

Cameron's keynote was at least more rousing than the rest.
On 5 October 2011 15:10

David Cameron today gave a speech that both reassured his party and instilled confidence in Great Britain.

The core theme was palpable: tackling the apologist narrative that the left have enshrined within the communal conscience of British society. Not only did Cameron rebuff the notion of guilt, but tackled the idea of group-think at all. It was a righteous call to arms for common sense.

In a keynote that iced the dry, barely palatable cake that has been Conservative Party conference this year, the Prime Minister took the fight to the 'unfair' unions, the 'self-righteous Labour party' and even the European Union, slamming nonsense directives and EU-led bailouts.

This is all not to say that the speech was flawless. While the Euro-remarks may have satisfied some, the true Eurosceptic faithful will see through the attack; we're still at the behest of the continental behemoth.

Cameron called the NHS the country's most precious institution. One might argue that the Parliament that upholds our democracy or the families that hold together our society are more crucial than a bloated public sector institution. Sure it's rhetoric, but it's irresponsible to pin the country to the National Health Service in a speech that otherwise made the case for personal responsibility.

Of course, British political speeches almost always contain bribes. This was no different. Promising businesses funding and playing the emotional card vis-a-vis Libya are key examples of this. Whatever you make of either, they'll no doubt both contribute to a post conference poll bump that will last longer than one would usually expect.

All in all, a muted conference made for a rousing leader's speech. Party, public and business will sleep well tonight. 

Raheem Kassam is the Executive Editor of The Commentator and Campaigns Director for The Henry Jackson Society. He tweets at @RaheemJKassam. 

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