Calamity Miliband’s comedy press office

If you can’t trust the Labour Party with the facts, how the hell can you trust it with the economy?

The gaffes are piling up for Ed Miliband
Steven George-Hilley
On 1 July 2014 18:55

Ed Miliband and his press team appear to be working flat out to convince the British electorate that he is totally unfit to be Prime Minister.

The latest blunder in the weird Mr Miliband’s comedy of campaign errors involves handing out a press pre-briefing document to the hungry media pack, riddled with basic mistakes. It appears Ed’s speech included job statistics that not only contradict official government data, but also are two years out of date.

Getting your numbers wrong is bad enough for any politician, but when you’re hoping to lead the country this time next year, and you’re lacking any form of human connection with the electorate, then you’re in real trouble.

The Labour machine has long suffered from a poor quality press operation, which is affectionately branded ‘the crèche’ around Westminster. But the toddlers faced with the impossible task of making Ed electable aren’t doing themselves any favours when making basic errors like this.

After the now infamous bacon sandwich incident, you would think due diligence on employment statistics would be a first step in getting operations up to standard. Alas no; this is, after all, the same press team that announced the arrival of US strategist David Axelrod as “David Alexrod” on the front page of the party’s website. Nothing appears to have changed; if anything it seems to be getting worse.

These repeated blunders, coming during a week in which the Labour party is trying to pretend that it doesn’t want to destroy British businesses, are a reminder of what a catastrophe it would be if it ever got into Number 10. Under the leadership of Union-elected Ed, the party has set out a pretty clear position that private businesses are firmly in its sights if elected in May next year.

His shamelessly socialist agenda – which involves supporting those on benefits, whilst squeezing those in work – would spell economic disaster for a country slowly recovering from the mess Labour left behind last time.

But we know what he’s up to, with his friend and mentor Len McCluskey from the Unite Union. Whether it's hiking up taxes on businesses and workers, or branding companies ‘predators’, Red Ed simply cannot hide his burning hatred for British businesses and those that work for them.

In contrast, the Conservatives are sticking to their long-term economic plan, framed around job creation and getting people off the dole and into work. The seriousness of this electoral pitch stands in stark contrast to Labour’s gaffe-prone, random policy lucky dip, which is essentially based on the premise of those who work hard footing the bill for those that don’t.

This backward Labour narrative is totally out of step with a country getting back on its feet. The only way we will achieve that will be thanks to millions of hardworking, taxpaying Britons.

Today’s gaffe is just one of many basic blunders made by the weird Mr Miliband and his comedy press office. Doubtless, there will be many, many more in the lead up to the 2015 election.

Ultimately, if you can’t trust the Labour Party with the facts, how the hell can you trust it with the economy?

Steven George-Hilley is a director at the Parliament Street think tank and a Conservative Party activist. He is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator

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