Even Democrats running like the wind from Obama

Obama's "defence" of the past six years in office is a cornucopia of platitudes generally delivered from the golf course or basketball court. Given his abysmal record, what else could it be?

The best of enemies
Robin Mitchinson
On 12 July 2014 12:24

Obama's foibles are beginning to accumulate to the point where even steadfast Democrats are abandoning ship. Political talk has sharply turned to his successor. If he has his way, it would not be Hillary as the now famous Clinton-Obama feud makes the Hatfield and McCoy bust up look like a girl scout picnic.

For her part, Hillary is doing everything in her power to alienate the public. In a recent effort to associate with hoi polloi, she droned on about how poor she and Bill were after he finished his second term as President. That ploy of hers has since come back to bite here in the bum. Her new book, Hard Choices, has been a total flop as her incredibility rating continues to soar.

Meantime, O is busy laughing off efforts to bring him back down to earth. He is being sued by the Speaker of the House, he is under several threats of impeachment, his health care programme is in the toilette, his foreign policy is crumbling and his domestic policy needs serious housekeeping. His defence of the past six years in office is a cornucopia of platitudes generally delivered from the golf course or basketball court.

He is soon to be off on a three week holiday at Martha's Vineyard where the Obamas will be living in a palatial residence fit for billionaires and above.

While most Americans don't disdain his wealth, they heavily castigate the manner in which he makes use of government funds and services to enhance his lifestyle. Whatever popularity he enjoys is largely from his super cool image typical of individuals who have nothing more to offer the world than a personality disorder.

Mitt Romney is making sounds to the effect that he will make another attempt to contest the presidency. This is after he, and more emphatically his wife, proclaimed that he would never run again for this office. To my mind he remains unelectable even though he is leading the polls of republican hopefuls by a wide margin. Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey, is a distant second.

And would you believe, running last is a new name on the roster, Jeb Bush. Critics claim that Jeb's run will be futile owing to a massive case of Bush fatigue in America. His supporters claim he is far and away the best Bush yet. Also, being wed to an Hispanic woman brings substantial Hispanic support to the table.

This is something that has been sorely missing among republican contenders and indeed among republicans in general. They just can't seem to bring themselves around to courting anyone of colour. Translated into political terms, the republicans are facing an uphill battle to overcome overwhelming demographic odds. In the last election, they lost the black and Hispanic vote,  American youths, liberals and far too many women.

We have another gruelling two years of campaigning ahead of us before we can begin again with the 2020 election.

Robin Mitchinson is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator. A former barrister, living in the Isle of Man, he is an international public management specialist with almost two decades of experience in institutional development, decentralisation and democratisation processes. He has advised governments and major international institutions across the world

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