Landmark burqa ban in Spain

Pressure is mounting across Europe against Sharia-inspired practices such as the wearing of the burqa. The latest move in Spain is another significant development

by the commentator on 21 July 2014 09:46


The Catalonian town of Reus has made a landmark move to ban the Islamic burqa in all public places, setting both a precedent across Spain and a potential run-in with the courts.

Spain's English language website, The Local, reported:

"While other towns in Spain have banned the veil in publicly-owned buildings, Reus is the first of the ban garments like the niqab and the burqa on the streets.

"The ban has been introduced for reasons of "security" and "coexistence", according to El País newspaper."

Other European countries such as Belgium and France have introduced similar, nationwide bans which were upheld as legal by a recent ruling from the EU.

The Local added:

"Spain's Supreme Court in March 2013 annulled previous burqa bans introduced by a number of Spanish municipalities on the grounds that local authorities do not have the jurisdiction to regulate fundamental rights."

It remains to be seen how the Supreme Court will now respond.

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