Don't look now, the UN says it's Israeli "war crimes"

UPDATED (See below) When it comes to Israel, no-one in the West ever learns the lessons of the past. The utterly discredited UN Rights Council is banging on about "war crimes", and the media is just lapping it up

Remember the Goldstone fiasco?
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On 23 July 2014 08:35

You'd have thought that after the fiasco surrounding the UN's Goldstone report -- ultimately withdrawn by its own lead-author -- falsely alleging Israeli "war crimes" in the last major incursion into Gaza in December 2008/January 2009, the Western media would be cautious about accepting anything at all from that most discredited of all international bodies, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Not a bit of it.

Packed full of dictatorships and corrupt regimes, the UNHRC is now raising the oh so predictable charge that Israel may be committing "war crimes" amid the ongoing Operation Protective Edge.

"REUTERS: UN Human Rights Chief says Israeli actions could amount to war crimes," runs the strapline on Sky News on Wednesday. With the presenter straining to look as concerned as possible at this latest dark revelation, studio correspondent Lisa Holland described it as "strong stuff".

No it's not. It's the predictable horse manure. And anyone who follows the way in which Israel is consistently defamed by international bodies would not be remotely surprised. Indeed, it would newsworthy if the "war crimes" charge was not being raised.

For this is all part of the standard pattern, (and the BBC, of course, is running the same line). The agencies of global governance, the UN above all, are institutionally hostile to the Jewish state.

The UN is possessed of an annihilationist agenda that formally tolerates Israel's existence but in reality denies it by consistently opposing Israel's right to self-defence. If you oppose self-defence, you must, logically, oppose the self that seeks to be defended.

The war crimes charge is rolled out by those who wish to place Israel, and only Israel, in the category of "criminal states". This in turn is designed to turn Israel into a pariah.

A subset of this is the "mainly civilian" Palestinian deaths line which is being pushed out hourly by major Western news outlets, just as it was during Operation Cast Lead, the 2008/2009 Israeli operation "investigated" by Richard Goldstone.

But what's the source for this? Why, Palestinian activists on the ground in Gaza. Can you imagine a Palestinian medic telling the BBC, live on air, that, "no, no, most of the Palestinian deaths are actually Hamas operatives; and where they are not this is mainly because Hamas is using civilians, and civilian facilities such as hospitals and schools, as shields for their rocket attacks"?

Not very likely is it? Which raises the question as to how Western journalists can be so blinkered and naive.

Actually, it doesn't. This isn't myopia. It's a pre-programmed agenda, possibly subconscious in some cases, which posits the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as one between an aggressive and vengeful military superpower and a largely helpless and oppressed Third World people.

From that starting point, everything else flows logically.

If you sometimes get the impression that journalism has given way to political activism in the reporting of this conflict, you'd be right.

UPDATE 1: The BBC, in reporting the UNHRC charge, is also saying that neither Israel nor Hamas want a ceasefire. Extraordinary. Israel accepted the Egyptian brokered ceasefire plan several days ago. It was rejected by Hamas. Presumably, to report that fact would not fit the narrative

UPDATE 2: Sky NEWS presenter Jeremy Thompson took anti-Israel hysteria to a new level in introducing the 17:00 news. A Palestinian "child dies every 60 seconds" he said. Even the usual propaganda says "every hour". But what's a 60-fold increase between fanatics?

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