Spain stops trafficking of teenage girls for the sex Jihad

Teenage girls, heading to sex slavery for jihadists in the Middle East, are apprehended by Spanish police. The BBC and other mainstream outlets in Europe refuse to report such instances for fear of offending politically correct narratives

by the commentator on 4 August 2014 12:45


In breaking news from Spain, that has not been reported in mainstream media, two female teenageers have been rescued by Spanish police from being trafficked to Syria or Iraq as sex slaves for the male fighters, in the Jihad.

Spain's English language news-media outlet, The Local, reported that the girls, aged 14 and 19, were arrested in the Spanish, north African exclave of Ceuta, which is less than 20 miles from Gibraltar.

The Local reported:

"According to a police statement, they were “on the brink” of being transferred directly to Iraq or Syria by members of a Moroccan recruitment cell.

"...It’s the first time that the police have detained women in Spain who were planning on joining the jihad,” a police chief told the newspaper.

"Sources close to the investigation have stressed that the two girls were drawn in to the jihadist movement through internet forums."

Mainstream media in Europe do not report such instances, for fear of being labelled Islamophobic. Nor do they report that women are increasingly being transferred to jihadists in the Middle East as sex slaves.

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