Open letter: UKIP gets serious on shale, serious on UK interests

UKIP was once branded, and smeared, as the party of "Little Englanders". No more. This open letter shows that, ahead of the 2015 elections, UKIP is the most forward-looking, internationalist party that Britain has

Shale is the future
Przemek Skwirczynski
On 27 August 2014 12:53

Your Excellencies (See below),  We are writing to you in the context of our pro-shale gas activity and our idea called Respublica Nova.

In particular: We are fully aware that the five countries may be on slightly divergent paths, with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania being Eurozone members or members-in-waiting, Poland staying out of the Eurozone however gaining influence in the European Union, and Ukraine recently signing the EU Association Agreement.

Nevertheless, all are either EU members or EU-associated, four are NATO members whilst Ukraine may still join, and importantly all share a few centuries of great history as one nation within the Res Publica.

All these commonalities are becoming very relevant now given the increasing tensions between Russia and her Western neighbours, and with that in mind we would like to urge you to work together towards ensuring energetic self-sufficiency.

Between the five countries, especially if the United Kingdom responds favourably to the calls for cooperation in that field, there should be sufficient capacity to develop the respective countries' shale gas resources, widely assumed to be amongst the highest in Europe, whilst keeping the gas revenues within the region.

In the light of Ukraine's recent passing of the Russian sanctions law which covers the gas transit through Ukraine's territory, it is worth bringing to your attention that the combined territories of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine host all of Russian gas pipelines bar the offshore Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream, hence cooperation on energy transit through your respective countries' territories could prove very politically effective indeed.

As Friends of Poland in UKIP, we have been supportive of the Euromaidan movement since its inception and critical of Russia's occupation of Crimea. We recently expressed our concern at how the European Union's sanctions may affect the East of the EU in case of Russia retaliating, given the region being relatively ill-prepared for what may turn out to be a trade war.

We would now like to take this opportunity to encourage Poland to take the lead on setting up the energy cooperation between the five countries by organising a summit for the appropriate Ministers at an earliest opportunity.

Yours sincerely,

Przemek Skwirczynski, Chairman -- Friends of Poland in UKIP

Open Letter to the Ambassadors of the Republics of:

Estonia: HE Mr Lauri Bambus

Latvia: HE Mr Andris Teikmanis

Lithuania: HE Mrs Asta Skaisgirytė Liauškienė

Poland: HE Mr Witold Sobkow

Ukraine: HE Mr Andrii Kuzmenko


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