European Parliamentarians' fingers in the till

Members of the European Parliament already get expense accounts and salaries that are off the scale. Not bad for doing nothing, eh? But now they're just taking the... well you know what

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Luke Stanley
On 16 September 2014 10:17

If there is one thing the average Member of the European Parliament  (MEP) is not known for, it's integrity. As such, this week's revelations that MEPs have been caught with their fingers in the till yet again is unsurprising.

UKIP MEP James Carver has discovered 106 “free” iPad Minis were recently granted to MEPs. With the price of a new iPad Mini at £250, the 106 iPads will have cost the European taxpayers £26,500.

This is not the first time MEPs have taken free iPads as perks of the job. In May 2010, The Sunday Times blew the whistle on 736 MEPs being given free iPads to allow them to boost their ability to be “connected”. The cost to the taxpayer was even greater in 2010, with iPads costing over £500 each then.

It is true that when you are dealing with budgets of millions and billions £26,500 doesn’t sound much. But neither is £250 when you are being paid €8,000 a month (£6,399) to act as one of the 751 rubber stamps for the European Commission. There is no reason these MEPs, if they truly need an iPad Mini, cannot purchase their own.

British taxpayers’ money should be spent on the people of Britain, not frittered away on corrupt politicians.

Most worryingly, the story only broke after James Carver found the 106 empty boxes piled up in a corridor within the European Parliament. This begs the question what other perks are MEPs and Brussels bureaucrats lavishing upon themselves?

The fact that the iPad scandal has been leaked instead of announced as it was in 2010 shows just how far the Eurosceptic cause has come in the last four years. Gone are the days when Brussels could brazenly proclaim how wantonly they lavished taxpayer money on themselves. 

We have the Eurocrats on the run now, and must keep up the pressure to Get Britain Out in 2017. When we have left the EU following an In / Out Referendum, we will be able to spend British taxpayers’ money on those who need it the most, not on foreign political elites.

Luke Stanley, is a Research Assistant at Get Britain Out

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