INSTANT VIEW: It's Kristallnacht; execute the terrorists

After the latest horrific murder of a very dear and decent Briton, Alan Henning, we now do two things. We execute and/or banish the ISIS returnees to the West, and we shun all the media apologists for Islamism. It's Kristallnacht!

Turn that firing squad back on them
the commentator
On 3 October 2014 20:50

First up, do not, NOT, blame our fellow Muslim citizens in Western countries. But, and BUT, there has been far too much from certain mosques and Leftist groups (the BBC, the Guardian and the New York Times etc, who have been part of this), legitimising Islamist terrorism. The hate campaign against the Jewish people has been central to this.

There are no pet terrorists. And you who have lied for Hamas etc, bear a share of responsibility for this latest murder.

The appalling slaughter of Alan Henning, a very gentle, gentleman, and aid worker, is a Kristallnacht moment. We ignore it, or we allow for something far worse to come. (By the way, did you actually have to click on the link to be reminded of what Kristallnacht was?)

This is a first move in a discussion that, for reasons of political correctness, just does not happen in the mainstream media. The garbage that is now being talked in the Western media is beyond belief. ISIS aren't real Muslims? Yes they are. It's just that most Muslims despise, and fear,  ISIS  too. Why is that so difficult to say or understand?

Within our first move; two points:

1) We re-introduce the death penalty for ISIS supporters who have gone out to Syria/Iraq. The Commentator does not support the death penalty in the civil setting. But this is different. We need to send a message. Think Nuremberg. Hang them. (What, you had to look up Nuremberg too?)

2) We need to re-introduce banishment. Violent Islamists who have UK or US or European citizenship need to be deprived of it. Forget UN "law". It was always a sick joke. We'll find a way.

This is an instant view, But these thoughts must have been revolving around the minds of policy makers for quite some time. Obviously, our foreign policy establishment is not full of brain dead, politically correct cronies, right?

Key reminder. Muslim groups have been pleading for this man's life, and anyone who insults or does anything against any individual Muslim or Muslim institution in the West disgraces themselves and betrays core Western values.

That said, if you have been part of the appalling campaign of hate against Israel, the front-line Western state against Islamist terror, some of the blood is also on your hands. Stop all Islamism, and stop all apologists for it now, is our message.

We will follow up. And we look forward to your thoughts.

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