EU's 40% carbon emissions plan to be vetoed, threatening global domino effect

Climate change scepticism is on the rise in Europe. Governments are not going to back a planned 40 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2030 at a time when the EU is on its knees economically. Poland has promised a veto, threatening a global domino effect

by the commentator on 18 October 2014 13:17


European Union member Poland has come out and said in public what many other governments in Europe are saying privately: The EU's proposal next week to cut carbon emissions to 40 percent of the 1990 level by by 2030 would be disastrous for industry and cannot be allowed to go through.

Citing Polish Radio, Britain's Global Warming Policy Forum said in a press release that Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Janusz Piechociński believed the plan was suicidal.

"If this initial proposal will look as it does now, then Poland will have no choice but to veto it... For the Polish economy minister and the majority of EU economy ministers the 40-percent option, which destroys half of Europe’s industry, is unacceptable,” he said.

The plan is due to be discussed at an EU climate summit in Brussels.

If it is vetoed or amended beyond recognition, analysts say this will have a major impact on climate change policies around the world. Taken collectively, the EU is the world's largest economic bloc.

If European nations block the plan, say the analysts, there will be little incentive for countries from the United States to China to make further efforts to cut emissions, and the move could act as an incentive for them to back-track on previous commitments.

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