Barroso and the three lies of the European Union

The audacity of unelected outgoing European Commission President Barroso is breathtaking. John Redwood MP, exposes three core lies that the EU plays against Britain, and everyone else too

by Sir John Redwood MP on 20 October 2014 10:29

Outgoing European Commission President Barroso says more UK politicians should speak out for the UK’s membership of the EU. They do not, because our current membership undermines our democracy and damages our economy.

The EU burdens us with heavy costs, a high tax bill and dear energy. It is left to an EU official to lecture us on why we should stay in. The more they lecture us, the more UK voters will be suspicious of the EU and the large bills and instructions it imposes on us.

The so called case to stay in is based on three errors.

The first is Germany and France would not sell us their goods any more if we left. Germany has of course confirmed they would want continuing access to our markets so we would keep access to theirs.

The second is western Europe would be fighting itself with no EU. It’s not even worth refuting that nonsense.  

The third is the UK would have no influence in the world outside the EU, when we would be able to speak for ourselves again in the main world institutions instead of having to depend on the EU to do it.

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