One Minute Fox channel launched in UK

Former UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox launches video site to reinvigorate Conservative ideas and values, and reach a new audience. He's called it One Minute Fox

by Steven George-Hilley on 29 October 2014 10:15


Liam Fox, the former secretary of state for defence, has unveiled a new campaign website, setting out his position on a string of hot topics from welfare reform to the EU. The new One Minute Fox website, which went live on Tuesday evening, was launched at a private meeting in Parliament attended by several leading MPs, political strategists from the Parliament Street think tank and The Commentator.      

Fox told the group that the site will continue to publish videos over the next few months, getting more controversial over time. It is understood that the rationale behind the campaign is to engage a new generation into the values of the Conservative party and reach out beyond the current messaging around the party’s long term economic plan.

In the first videos published this evening, Fox made clear his position on welfare. “If the only value that some people ever know they have is what the state hands out, how can they measure the contribution that they can make to their families, their communities and their country,” he says, adding that welfare reform should be about empowering the human agenda.

Turning to the Islamist Fundamentalist threat he says, “They hate us, not because of what we do, but because of who we are. They hate our values, our history and our political systems.”

It is understood that Fox has filmed around 50 one-minute videos which will be published via the site in the lead up to the general election. Fox emphasised that the motive behind the campaign was to set out the positive reasons for voting Conservative through innovative online video channels to engage the electorate.

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