Ditch anti-democratic Lib Dems for EU referendum

Calling Nick Clegg and his band of wet europhiles, Liberal Democrats, is like calling the British National Party the Racial Harmony Party. Their anti-democratic stance over the EU tells you everything you need to know about them

Look, I'm not liberal or democratic...
Luke Stanley
On 1 November 2014 13:05

It is unsurprising the Liberal Democrats have decided to veto Bob Neill’s EU Referendum Bill – despite their name, they have made a habit of opposing democracy at every turn. It is in their nature to block the wishes of the Great British Public.

What is surprising is their decision not to leave it to their dinosaurs in the House of Lords, but to block it in the House of Commons instead. For this we have the Tories to thank.

The EU Referendum Bill collapsed in the Commons earlier this week, after the Lib Dems refused to support the bill’s ‘money resolution’ which stipulates how much it will cost. As the Lib Dems supported the money resolution for the identical bill introduced by James Wharton in 2013, this is slightly inconsistent.

The Lib Dems decided to torpedo the Bill in the Commons after the Tories refused to support the Lib Dems on their bill to revise the Bedroom Tax. Whilst the Lib Dems’ political games have cost the British people their say over Europe, ‘Cast-Iron’ Dave is not blameless in this. His prioritising the Bedroom Tax over the Referendum Bill just goes to show how superficial his promises over the EU are.

If Cameron’s failure to deliver the Referendum Bill is disappointing, his u-turn over the European Arrest Warrant is disgraceful. Not long ago this device – which would be more at home in Orwell’s 1984 than modern Britain – was used to split a sick child, Ashya King, away from his parents.

Mere weeks later, Cameron is opting back into the full range of European Arrest Warrant measures. He is putting the issue to a vote ahead of the Rochester and Strood by-election, which is likely to be carried despite a huge revolt brewing on the Conservative backbenches due to the support of the ‘Liberal’ Democrats and Labour.

The point bears repeating: the Liberal Democrats are neither liberal nor democratic. How could they be liberal when they want foreign governments to be able to issue arrest warrants for British citizens? How could they be democratic when they want British laws to be made by an unelected bureaucracy in Brussels, and prevent the Great British Public voting over this?

Calling Clegg and his band of wet Europhiles Liberal Democrats is like calling the British National Party the Racial Harmony Party.

It is high time the Cleggites were ejected from the government and forced back onto the opposition benches where they belong. This would allow Cameron to kickstart – if it really it is his intention – the Brussels renegotiations and enshrine the EU referendum pledge in law by introducing it as a government bill.

The sooner Britain witnesses Cameron’s renegotiation fail the sooner we can Get Britain Out of the EU. How much longer must we wait?

Luke Stanley is a Research Assistant at Get Britain Out

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